Here one always feels well.
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It is enclosed forest territory of approximately 1 ha area with pond, where more than 40 various domestic animals and birds are free to walk and swim. It seems that there is nothing special, sheep, goats, rabbits, ducks, geese ... However, there are often more visitors than animals.

The owner of HBH, Rada, was sure that “Žvėrinčius" will be popular among our guests. This is truth. All, who come here, especially children, want to pat and feed animals with food left by us, to take pictures with them. We have some more exotic animals: lamas, donkeys, pony, black-necked and black swans, mandarin and Bahamas ducks, ornamental chickens of different types.

1 ha forest area was dedicated for HBH “Žvėrinčius". It is enclosed, cleaned – shrubbery and low quality trees cut. Thus, a space for forest residents appeared, while maintaining the naturalness as far as possible. The visitors see the animals running, walking, eating hay or fawning upon each other. Pond was dog for water birds, two-story shed was built, fences and house for animals to sleep and winter were installed.

One of the recent animals in “Žvėrinčius" are the couple of donkeys: the donkey Gruodis, which came from Panevėžys naturalists stations after long bureaucratic procedures, and donkey Liepa. Ironically, people really like donkeys – perhaps due to the fact that these animals are rare in Lithuania, despite their simplicity.

One can see a black-necked swan, a pair of black swans, mandarin, Bahamas ducks, visited by their wild friends, and many other birds in the pond.

Fauna in “Žvėrinčius" continues to grow: goats already have kids – Rugsėjis, Spalis, Lapkritė run about together with adult goats.