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Wood work artist Povilas Butkevičius

The artist was born in 1954 in the district of Kretinga, Akmenalių village. In 1976 he graduated from the Telšiai technical college of arts and crafts as a woodenware specialist. Since 2003, Povilas Butkevičius with his works frets the territory of the brewery 'HBH Juozo alus'. The most favorite themes are: the outstanding people of the Samogotian history and the treasure of the Samogotian nature – animals. Besides, he has created the sculptures of the Samogotian dukes – 'Rimgaudas' and 'Erdvilas', the sculpture of the most famous woman of Samogotia 'Žemaitė', the form of Stanevičius (the writer). One of the 'HBH' bars frets the series of 'Samogotian battle with Mongols' ('Žemaičių mūšis su mongolais totoriais').


"Wolfs’ family"


In the territory and in the forest of 'HBH', the animals created by Povilas Butkevičius are located: 'Arklys' ('The Horse'), 'Ožka' ('The Goat'), 'Žemaičiu meška' ('The Bear of the Samogotia'), 'Briedis' ('The Elk'), 'Vilkų šeimynėlė' ('Wolf Family'); partaking in the sculptures' plener, he had created the following works – 'Ausis' ('The Ear') and 'Užsispyręs ožys' ('The Stubborn Goat').


“Samogitian prince Rimgaudas”

“Writer Stanevicius”

“Samogitian prince Erdvilas”

The artist enshrines the history and culture of Samogotia and is an active worker in that field. Moreover, he plans to create more works on the theme of Samogotian history.