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Our guests requested of an “old kid in new town” so may it be. A sister of HBH Palanga has opened- same menu, same cosy surrounding, best beer in Lithuania and all on the nest of a beautiful area just by the lake few kilometres away from Vilnius centre. One thing to say though, we are a bit with our own character to fit the needs of capital city, which is probably a good thing we hope. Improvements in the menu, event organizing and fully preparing it as well as always improving the quality of services and food by the needs of our customers – just proves our still the same, right, costume-oriented attitude. We do specialise a bit more in birthday, baptising, wedding and other event preparations.

Also MICE is within the field of our knowledge, thus feel free to contact us whenever needed and we will personalise your events. From weddings to drop-off pick nicks outdoors. During winter season we make delicious business lunch sets, thetas a way to motivate our kitchen personnel into being creative – already kicked of and running, please feel free to like check up the daily lunch info and events on our Facebook page HBH Vilnius.

Building being very close to the main road, the seating area outside is further from the main road, protected by the main restaurant building and faces the lake, which is suitable for swimming. The plan includes building of a pear and sun bathing/lounge area on the shore in year of 2012.

The increasing list of entertainment in HBH Vilnius include – pocket-ball, jungle-gym, playing areas for kids, games room, and even an eco-corner for the organic Lithuanian garment goods, organic Lithuanian honey, herbs and much more.. All – certified,- that only nature can provide. Also, we have an aquarium on-site and amadinos birds, they procreate real quick, thus let us know in case you would love to grow some cute small birds at home.

We can accommodate 12 to 150 guests in one of the three separate event areas on our premises. From planning the menu to organizing the whole event- all might be as our responsibility at your request. If you would like us to deliver and serve the food at your event outdoors or other than our place – we will try our best to fulfil any of your needs may it be a seminar in the woods!

Five Lithuanian traditional saunas with outdoor swimming pools are at your service. Our Sauna masters will stoke up the temperature that is most suitable for you. Wooden lockers and natural stone, you will feel the quality immediately. Long-lasting Lithuanian health promoting tradition is to jump in the cold water after the second round in sauna. In January in Palanga, there is an event for those wanting to have a feel of sea in winter. The Sauna houses include showers with hot and cold water, toilets, changing rooms, seating areas for up 12 people in and outside each with small individual terrace.

Here you can freely enjoy the same uncompromised quality of beer brought straight from the brewery in Palanga. And experience a second decade reaching sensation of hearty dishes melting in mouth here in capital city of Vilnius. For that greater variety of guests we also have more options for vegetarians, kids and those with sweet tooth.

Contact us, and we will assure your stay memorable!