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HBH beer and kvass brewery

Once a Roman woman had prepared dough for bread, went to her neighbour, and forgot it. It began to rain, the water got into the left pail. A man drank from the mentioned pail in the morning and liked the drink very much. It was the start of beer.

It is believed that first drink similar to beer appeared 4000 years ago. The ancestors of our beer were HB beer. HBH in German language means “Bavarian beer house”. The beer we drink today, i.e., with hops, was started to be made 500-700 years ago in Bavaria. The very beginning of HBH beer “Juozo alus” is 1994, when it was decided to build a brewery. The year 1995 is equally important in the chronicle of its life – the brewery was first tried then – the first drop of beer “Juozo alus” was brewed.

3-4 tonnes of beer were brewed during the first years of work. Now this quantity is made within 2-3 days. HBH beer “Juozo alus” is “alive”. This means that even in filtrated beer all organic particles are alive, beer continues to “live”. Therefore, realization term of this beer is short – 6-8 days. So, You get the freshest, completely matured, chilled beer in our bar. The most popular one is 4% lager beer, which is characterized by perfect aroma and mild flavour. Beer lovers also like our non-filtered beer, which is full of various minerals and vitamins.  ABV is 4 %. For those, who look for special, unexpected taste, we recommend 5% ABV dark beer. Those, who like it, say that they feel the flavour of coffee, chocolate.

Kvass “Rados gira”

Kvass started to be prepared according to grandmother's recipe in 2001. Only natural products are used for it – toasted brown bread, yeast, sugar, raisins, water. Kvass is not only a perfect drink for on a hot day, but also a medicine to improve digestion. Enjoy and amuse Your heart by drinking the kvass, made in Rada's kitchen.