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Children‘s playing room

Celebrations for Your children in HBH restaurant!

It is essential for us that during each celebration for children in children entertainment room of HBH restaurant children and their parents would find something new – positive emotions, new feelings and entertainment. We want that it would be a perfect place to celebrate the birthdays, christening and other important moments of Your children. We offer to arrange the theme, repertoire of celebrations or to help You to find the suitable persons for this purpose. We can make a separate menu, according to Your and children's needs and age.

Children entertainment room of HBH restaurant is a perfect place for children to find the activity, while parents are very happy about that. At the same time the parents can try delicious Lithuanian food and traditional kvass “Rados gira" as well as beer. Later, parents with children can look at living HBH corner – colourful birds and fish. Here, the families will not only eat, but also entertain and have a good time without hurrying.