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2005 is when the Plein Airs have started at HBH

2005 is considered to be the beginning of plain airs held in HBH. The growing number of customers wanted to spend more time in the nature, so the path walk idea was developed and implemented. Until today – the range and choice of entertainment and activities in HBH is continuously expanding. And all of this, for one purpose only – to make our customers satisfied and coming back for more.

2005 plain air was dedicated to the modern art. Artists were into experimenting with stone, metal and oak. The People starting this beautiful tradition of art coming in our village were Vidas Steponavičius, Donatas Dovidavičius, Marius Norkus, Rimantas Jarošius, Artūras Burneika, Andrius Siderkevičius, Rokas Naujalis and Andrius Petkus. It went on, and we are glad to announce that people do appreciate art not only in cosmopolitan cities, but tinniest villages like ours. It has fulfilled its purpose of creating emotions and different value to the place not only for the professional art critics but also everyone else in purpose of expanding ones view.

Rokas Naujalis "Finger"

Andrius Petkus "Button"

Work with stone

Work with tree

Rimantas Jarosius "Composition"

Vidas Steponavicius "Matches"


Rimantas Jarosius "Inclusion"

Andrius Siderkevicius "Patches of sunlight"

Rokas Naujalis "Sprout"

Marius Norkus "Drill"

Andrius Petkus "Gnawed apple"

Andrius Siderkevicius "Scarecrow"

Povilas Butkevicius "Ear"